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Website optimization is basically (Firefly Technology's smart terminal product - Zhihui Yizhan, shortlisted in the first batch of smart and convenient service facility product catalog in Qingdao) is this okay? ,

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product catalog: 1. What is Chinese website enhancement? 2. Is Chinese website enhancement effective? 3. Chinese website enhancement is effective. 4. Chinese website enhancement is Chinese website enhancement 5. Chinese website enhancement is Lanxiang 6. Advanced Chinese website enhancement 1. What does Chinese website enhancement do? Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Big Data announced the catalog of the first batch of intelligent and convenient public facilities in Qingdao. It was successfully shortlisted and became a key public facility for the convenience of the city, fully playing a model and boosting role in the field of retail software systems. 2. Is it effective to strengthen the Chinese website? Zhihui Yizhan is a new intelligent terminal product specially developed by Wang Quanyingqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. for the industrial development of Wisdom Satellite City and the technical innovation of Wisdom Convenience Service Engineering Project. It has convenient online shopping, emergency assistance, and remote management. , Party affairs convenience, rural revival, and charity publicity materials, five major functions, in-depth and meticulous street communities and sparsely populated entertainment venues, provide more convenient service projects 24 and a half hours, which is conducive to the construction of 15 and two-minute convenience service project circles, and enhance the wisdom and wisdom of satellite cities Convenience to a certain extent increases the sense of security of the neighbors. 3. Is the enhanced effect of the Chinese website good? Zhihui Yizhan is different from ordinary vending machines in its wisdom to a certain extent, which is mainly reflected in the discovery of new consumption scenarios and the extensive cooperative development of scenario values. It provides more "emergency +", "Longfor+", "Promotional Materials +", "Fitness Activities +" and other smart service project plans, to achieve one-way communication of information and effectively meet the needs of users in the actual application field, derived from Zhihui Yizhan A variety of service engineering project business models have been developed, which have been fully taught in classrooms and generally recognized. 4. Strengthen the Chinese website. The Chinese website strengthens the multi-scenario and diversified smart service project, which makes Zhihuiyi unique in the industrial development of the retail industry scene and has gained accelerated development and application fields. At present, the project is in the province Outer Yantai, Dongying, Yantai, Dongying, Heze and other satellite cities have broken the ice 5. Chinese website enhancement is a model project of technological innovation of Lanxiang as a smart terminal product. Zhihui Yizhan has won the second China New Wisdom Satellite City Technology Innovation Application Field Competition The first prize, successfully included in the Dongying Municipal 2022 list of practical things for the private sector, and appeared as an excellent case in the new "smart street community" lecture tour in Qingdao, and won the attention and reports of the provincial and municipal media at all levels. Digital drive, smart industry development . 6. The Chinese website is strengthened and advanced. In the future, Yingqi Information Technology will continue to explore new consumption scenarios, continue to promote Zhihuiyi Station to gradually break the ice in street communities and sparsely populated entertainment venues, and continue to provide more intelligent and considerate convenience services. Project, bringing service engineering project technology innovation and scene reshaping for a better life, and promoting the long-term and sustainable industrial development of smart satellite cities

Website optimization is basically (Firefly Technology's smart terminal product - Zhihui Yizhan, shortlisted in the first batch of smart and convenient service facility product catalog in Qingdao) is this okay? ,