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Is the Scorpion Pond just like that (go to Donghuhui on June 1st! Lego theme park, world famous cat exhibition, and all kinds of desserts) is that okay? ,

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product catalog: 1. Scorpion Pool x92. Is Scorpion Pool actually used? 3. What is Scorpion Pool for? 4. Liars in Scorpion Pool. Scorpion Pond 20207. Scorpion Pond handout 8. Scorpion Pond x6.219. Scorpion Pond official website 10. What is the use of Scorpion Pond 1. Scorpion Pond x9LOOK said: It’s so interesting 2. Is Scorpion Pond useful? At Donghuhui, there will be a "Today's World Famous Cat Exhibition" to give you a good opportunity to meet cute cats at close range~ 3. What is the scorpion pool for? There are famous cats from all over the world today. English short, Bangladeshi Standazhi, Manjikang... most of the cats you hate, here are ~ 4. The liars in the scorpion pool, we can not only take photos with them, but also play "drawing cats together" and pet pastries here Interesting games such as baking teaching and free cat basic care, trial packs are also included! You can also participate in medical free clinic activities! 5. The process of auxiliary tools in Scorpion Pool is all to Beijing Eight Songs. When it comes to Lego, it can be said that all ages can eat it! Even Xiaomi was very interested in it~ and there was a "large Lego theme park" in Donghuhui at that time! 6. Scorpion Pool 2020 is a very exciting booth game! Throughout May, there will be many interesting booth games such as Lego Maze, Mecha Master, and Variety Robot! 7. Xiaomi recommends the "Various Robot" game in the handout of Scorpion Pool. Through the combination of programming and Lego, let your Lego work become a real robot. It's cool! 8. Scorpion Pool x6.21 Parent-child Lego, full of love! Attention, moms and dads, come to the parent-child Lego building area to complete a work with the beasts, which can not only cultivate the children's hands-on ability, but also promote the relationship and kill two birds with one stone, isn't it amazing! 9. Interactive check-in on the official website of Scorpion Pool, GET gifts! There is also an interactive check-in gift area on the site, and you can get a gift for sharing activities. In addition, you can also get a gift if you spend more than 88 yuan in the mall! 10. What's the use of the scorpion pool except that there are many desserts waiting for you to eat! "Hot pot, sushi, steak, fish with pickled cabbage... Long time no see, I miss you all so much!" This must be the voice of many people! But let's not worry! Let’s go to Donghuhui to eat on June 1! Haidilao Hot Pot Xiao Mi misses Haidilao's "paralyzed" service, except for the little brothers who perform ramen~ The ingredients are fresh and delicious. I want to put fat beef, shrimp slippery, hairy belly...all into the delicious tomato & butter pot! At that time, I took the voucher to eat Haidilao, and my mother couldn't stop me anymore. Jiumaojiu Mountain West Wang Jiumaojiu, how can foodies miss it? I especially miss the phrase "Welcome home for dinner" when I entered the house~ Their signature dish, the big bone, is also a must-order for Xiaomi. It tastes so good that people want to eat a second piece after eating one piece! Lao Mahjong, a Hunan cuisine restaurant that suits the taste of Guangzhou people-Lao Mahjong, here I come! It's still the same as before, the exquisite model sample of Xiaoqiao Liushui, a pot of soy milk, a pot of umami and freshness, and a taste of the signature secret stewed duck. The meat is tender, sweet but not greasy. In addition, these merchants are also very good Let's see if it's your long-awaited restaurant~ so many delicious and interesting ones! Otherwise, how can we say that Donghuhui is our old friend? Any of the above activities will directly poke our hearts! Xiaomi will post the specific address for you again! Pack it up and go! Donghuhui Plaza

Is the Scorpion Pond just like that (go to Donghuhui on June 1st! Lego theme park, world famous cat exhibition, and all kinds of desserts) is that okay? ,