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Long-tail keyword mining tool (keyword search engine tool)

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long-tail keyword mining tool (keyword search engine tool) chuanqi9 hours agoWebsite construction 1 In the past, I will share with you the keyword search engine tool Explain, website search engine optimization cultivates and promotes long-tail keywords to find words, don’t forget to bookmark this site, thank you! Article catalog: 1. How to use the keyword mining tools to mine and optimize long-tail keywords? 2. Keyword tools 3. The number of ASO optimized keywords 4. What are the mining methods for long-tail keywords on the website How to use keyword mining Tools for excavating and optimizing long-tail keywords? 1. Keyword excavation tools: provide valuable professional analysis results and guidance for website operators and SEO practitioners through clustering, decomposing, and extracting Internet big data, so that users can A platform that rapidly improves cluster operation capabilities. 2. Expand the target keywords by yourself, you can add restrictive or descriptive words, you can use synonyms and add area names to get new long-tail keywords. 3. You can use Baidu keyword tools to drop third-party tools to decompose competitors' websites; at the same time, you can also download industry forums and websites. 4. Search for keywords When we are doing long-tail keyword optimization, we can use the keyword mining tool to help search for long-tail keywords. The keywords that are often used are love station, thesaurus network, chasing words and so on. Use target keywords to find valuable long-tail keywords for optimization. Keyword tool 1. Tool for digging words: Starmine keyword database management, in addition to mining keywords, it can also manage keywords, predict keywords, the effect is very powerful, especially thesaurus management is very easy to use website detection tool: Starlink SEO management, testing all pages of the website, there are more than a hundred kinds of website testing items. 2. Keyword objects Keyword objects include: webmaster object, love station, 5118, etc., you can use these three objects to choose website keyword mining, the object can specifically display the status of each keyword, SEO personnel You can choose keywords that fit the website based on the actual situation of the website. 3. K-Meta is a free keyword calculation tool with the United States as the search area, which can be searched from keywords and URLs. You can find your competitors and website traffic by searching the website; if you search by keywords, you can see the results of CPC, competition level, search volume, related keywords and organic search. 4. The software for searching keywords includes Webmaster Tools, Word Tracker, and Soolve. 5. The statistical objects of keywords include APPDUU, APPANNIE, and ASOU. The main function of APPDUU, an app data decomposition tool, is to check the number of keywords protected by the app. APPANNIE is used to check the daily ranking and historical ranking of APP. The influence of ASOU is to focus on the ranking of hot words in various rankings and the popularity of keywords. 6. Webmaster's Home, 511 Bullfighting Toolkit, Aizhan Webmaster's Home, Webmaster's Home is a reference tool that is used by almost 99% of the country. I believe everyone will be familiar with this. ASO optimizes the number of keywords ASO is the abbreviation of AppStoreOptimization, which means store optimization. It is the process of doing a series of optimization techniques on the App to improve its ranking in the AppStore rankings and keyword search results. ASO's keyword selection abstract is much more complicated than SEO keyword selection. For example, my old shop owner was a traveler, and the number of related keywords can reach more than 100W. It's not easy~~ But ASO has unlimited space to dominate. Don't think about long-tail keywords (AppStore keywords can be up to 100 bytes long). ASO optimization mainly focuses on search optimization, related search optimization, list optimization and conversion rate optimization. To put it simply, ASO optimization means optimization in terms of questions, keywords, and description. One of the central elements of ASO is the question. Questions are divided into main questions and sub-questions. A very important part of ASO optimization, we usually choose words with an index of more than 6000 as keywords, and we must measure the difficulty of optimization and the popularity of keywords. After selecting keywords, rank the most popular words at the back, and don't list them several times. ASO Optimization Assistant: When setting the title + keyword, it can be used to detect whether the standard characters can be exceeded. [Key function]: Real-time ranking: You can see the ranking weather keywords of the product in front of the category according to the date|ASO: Not only can you see the number of keywords that have been protected, but also the number that appears in TOP10. Search method for strongly related related words: first determine the nature of the product; determine several major categories of roots; optimize the detection object through ASO, find related related words disclosed at the same time, and then combine the roots; determine several major categories of roots. What are the excavation methods of website long-tail keywords 1. 12 methods of excavating website long-tail keywords: (1) Webmaster objects: the main ones are Chinaz and Aizhan, which contain related headword mining tools, and often check the rankings The webmasters can usually be found very easily. 2. Baidu drop-down box Baidu related search Baidu index Baidu promotion assistant After logging into Baidu promotion assistant, the "keyword tool" under "search promotion" is also a good tool for keyword discovery. 3. Baidu drop-down box and related searches can also get some long-tail keywords by prompting the Baidu drop-down box. These words will largely allow users to search directly, so they also have a certain amount of access Quantity and conversion results, as well as related searches. 4.) Dominate the Google search engine Take the search for the keyword Backpack on the Google search engine as an example. You can see that when searching, some relevant long-tail keywords are automatically displayed below the search box, which is recommended by Google based on big data and intelligent algorithms. . This is the end of the introduction of keyword search engine tools. Website development and promotion maintains long-tail keyword search tools. Don’t forget to pay attention to this site, thank you again!

Long-tail keyword mining tool (keyword search engine tool)