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Netease promotion contact number (100 classic cases of nuclear fission diversion in storefronts (64th case of rock cabinet)) Is this all right? ,

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product catalog: 1. Netease promotion product sales 2. Netease promotion is not good 3. Netease promotion is good 4. Netease promotion basic skills 5. Netease network marketing promotion business model 6. Is Netease promotion effective 7. NetEase Promotion Service Center 8. NetEase Promotion Telephone Consultation 9. What is NetEase Promotion for? When I had some problems and went to the store to repair my laptop, I talked to the proprietress about internet marketing. The proprietress said that he had opened two stores, and after three months, the amount reached 100,000. Competition in the electronics industry is fierce. 2. Netease promotes the technology otherwise, so the cost of laptops is relatively high. You have to sell 20,000 in three months to earn a little even if he opened three stores, so the store expenses are relatively high. The proprietress feels bad. I designed the structure for him. Three Simple Internet Marketing Plans First, the third problem your retail store has to solve is to grab your potential customers. Third, you must structure and design three different gift items. 3. Netease’s promotion is good, the purpose is to let customers introduce you first, introduce who you are... Third, structure design three network marketing business models, called perimeter pathogen 2 kilometers! After introduction, there is the first primary school in his area——Anxi County No. 2 Middle School. This school is considered the most suitable primary school in Anxi County. Therefore, the parents of those students are very concerned about their children's growth and learning. I helped them design three structures. A gift, complete free installation of the most suitable and stable laptop control system in Anxi County. 4. Netease promotes basic skills. Most people with laptops have laptops. A control system can be exchanged for absolutely free, even if the promotional material is purely pure, don't you think? In addition, there are many other shops near his shop. 5. Netease's network marketing promotion business model finds those retail stores and then, through them, they deliver promotional materials for free installation of the control system (this is three simple capital costs, even if it also creates commercial value for the surrounding private enterprises ), and send it to all retail stores within a 1,000-meter circumference. Many private enterprises have laptop problems. It is difficult to have religious beliefs. Wasselonne, during the operation process, it is difficult for customers to feel your service. Then grasp the development potential and reputation The publicity came out. 6. Is Netease promotion effective? Third, you have designed three gifts worth 10 cents to help you repair your laptop. I believe that many people like this are worth more than the relative commercial value of DT. Therefore, during the repair process, you You will see many business opportunities, such as the need to change parts, even the customer’s laptop needs to be changed, purchased as a second-hand laptop, etc. At this time, the proprietress can easily control it. 7. During the operation process of Netease Promotion Service Center, I adopted the method of multiplying profits at zero cost. Think about it, the proprietress uses the existing resources to capture many potential car customers, and the utility of referrals will automatically be generated (that is, Pathogens) Of course there are many details and stretches here but one thing you have to do is get information on your potential customers. 8. NetEase promotes telephone consultation. Before repairing, you need to fill in the following procedures, so that you can return to customers later and conduct satisfaction surveys. In addition, you can also track sales. Can you tell customers: Hello, we are doing activities by car now.... (In addition, after omitting 500, you can tell customers about your activities or a lot of knowledge about laptops through phone calls, text messages, and emails every month, so that you will gradually have your own database. 9. After three months of NetEase promotion , I go to another store to buy laptop equipment, the proprietress said that the solution they are using is very effective. Now they have more than 1,000 databases... On that day, he gave me three hard drives with a commercial value of more than 300 yuan for free. Later, the proprietress hoped that I could give him many solutions.

Netease promotion contact number (100 classic cases of nuclear fission diversion in storefronts (64th case of rock cabinet)) Is this all right? ,