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Website optimization quotation (he wrote a 96-character zhaluzhi on three breakthroughs for efficient marketing of traditional enterprises in adversity, and the outline is read in the same way, and there are only a handful of people who can read it smoothly at one time) Is this okay? ,

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Category: 1. Chinese website enhanced product price 2. Chinese website enhanced bid table 3. Specialized Chinese website enhanced bid 4. Chinese website enhanced charging project international standard 5. Specialized in Chinese website enhanced product Price 6. Chinese website enhanced network platform 7. What does Chinese website enhancement mean? 8. Chinese website enhanced ranking commodity price 9. Chinese website enhanced advanced 10. Regular Chinese website enhanced bid 1. Chinese website enhanced commodity price July 2022 Xu Xiaohui and Zhen Miao, the three training instructors of the network marketing growth summer camp, and the first-term member Hu Taipei (founder of Yimeihui International Brand) successively conducted project diagnosis and treatment exchanges. Fruit/Ophthalmology Circuit, a modern private enterprise for more than ten years, has been relying on the survival and development of physical stores and barber shops in various places. The network marketing method adopted is relatively modern physical stores, and online network marketing is still in the flow of funds, SEO enhancement. 2. The enhanced bidding form of the Chinese website has also tried to transfer to new SNS media channels such as Douyin and video accounts to sell credit card business, but in the medical financial industry, various network platforms are relatively restrictive, which will trigger sensitivity in vain Ci, even the account Ramanathapuram 小黑屋 Therefore, peers learn from each other in terms of content and channel dissemination, and the situation of polarization is becoming increasingly prominent For problems in the direction of international brand function positioning, product distribution, online marketing action games, etc., we may be able to find a better software system by raising two levels and looking at these problems beyond the financial industry. 3. Specialize in Chinese websites and strengthen bids. Although the preferred racing tracks of entrepreneurial teams are different, there are many similar logics in terms of online marketing action games and strategies. Today, we will share these thoughts with you, and hope that entrepreneurial teams Can it inspire 01 how modern private enterprises can upgrade their international brands? 1) Two good international brand names make the dissemination efficiency extremely low. International brand names are not stylized enough and lack functional positioning responses, which are the problems that most modern private enterprises are facing, even if they are helpless. 4. The Chinese website strengthens the international standards of fee-charging projects Taking "Yimeihui" as an example, the international brand name is relatively abstract, and it is difficult for customers to think of what it is selling, so the international brand name is difficult to remember. His improvement measures are, Xie Li Thank you for two relatively stylized international brand names. For example, use animal names as international brand names, and use stylized things to replace clear concepts. users combined. 5. Specialize in Chinese websites and strengthen commodity prices 2) Trustworthiness and trustworthiness, increase user loyalty Not high Therefore, the cost of error correction for private enterprises is also high, and it takes a long time for users to verify whether the results can be corrected. When they cannot occupy a high degree of user trust, they can give priority to doing Kedong Russia through a series of certificates of trust, such as application related Municipal patents, MBA preference, testimonials from typical users, establishment of new international standards, or investment by large private companies to enhance international brand loyalty. 6. The Chinese website strengthens the network platform 3) With the help of internationally standardized tools to improve operational efficiency, we must pay attention to the formulation of internationally standardized tools, such as international brand manuals and product manuals. In the current environment, the ability and retention of employees are relatively fluctuating. An internationally standardized SOP can greatly improve operational efficiency and accumulate international brand value. At the same time, a manual formulated in conjunction with international brands and product conditions is very important for attracting customers and selling products. 7. What does it mean to strengthen the Chinese website? 4) Pay attention to the high aesthetics and beyond-expected delivery of goods and services. When users tend to be younger, modern private enterprises must not only target Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other online platforms to capture new traffic, but also More attention should be paid to the design of physical stores. The aesthetics of the store should be based on store design. The in-store supplies are the nodes that users can feel intuitively, and they are also the trustworthiness of the lowest cost. For consumers born in the 90s, the simple style and technological style will enhance the international The overall brand loyalty is more attractive. 8. The Chinese website strengthens the ranking of product prices. Customers' unexpected experience after entering the store is an important way to generate self-dissemination. 02 How can modern private enterprises use the Internet platform to break through the network marketing dilemma? 1) The founder is the first candidate for IP. When a private enterprise upgrades an international brand, the founder is the first candidate for IP. The founder is more stable and understands the value of an international brand to export traffic to the financial industry. It takes a long time for error correction. After the founder has experienced the actual operation of the network, he will develop his own network sense and become more and more sensitive to traffic operations. 9. The Chinese website is enhanced and advanced 2) The video account diverts and accumulates users, and uses topics to create hot spots. For the "bend fruit" and "ophthalmology" financial industries, compared with the Douyin channel, it is easier and more convenient to divert video accounts to WeChat accounts. It is easy to accumulate your own traffic pool. First, the video account now has a traffic bonus; second, the users of the video account are mostly young and middle-aged men, which are relatively in line with the target user profile. 10. Formal Chinese websites strengthen bids. The specialization threshold of such vertical racing tracks is relatively high, and the words in the financial industry are relatively jerky. It is recommended that when producing content, vivid and interesting interactive forms can be appropriately adopted, or scene reproduction, etc. should not be done. Science popularization with more specialized knowledge must use visual contrast to grab the attention of users. The more fun and interesting it is, the more interesting it will be to actively spread the Internet marketing. The purpose of Internet marketing is not to educate users, but to attract users. At the same time, modern medical advertisements are subject to many restrictions on the network platform, but if it is a topical network marketing, the network platform cannot tell whether it is hard advertising or news information, and naturally the network platform will not directly restrict or delete its posts. ) The number of followers is not the only international standard for judging monetization. Hair loss is two topics that make people feel anxious. Most users will not pay special attention to two video accounts that make them anxious and troublesome. Therefore, the number of fans is not the only international criterion for judging. It is not that the number of fans reaches the threshold, the stronger the monetization ability of the account, nor is it that too few fans of the account will have no monetization ability. The main purpose is to find accurate users 4) Set up user touchpoints at multiple points to divert users to the private domain traffic pool. Sometimes, the account has gained a lot of fans, and the number of followers has also increased, but there are no users who ask about products or services through private messages. What is wrong? ? Two possibilities, two are that fans users are not accurate, there is no need for this, and many people do not have private messages when viewing videos, which is a normal phenomenon; the other two important reasons are that users do not know how to private message you, To add your friends, you can set more touchpoints on the homepage, video page, comment area, etc. to guide users to private message you and add your WeChat consultation. 03 How can modern private enterprises do a good job of investing and effectively investing without wasting money? 1) Before launching a large number of live broadcasts, do a good job of the MVP model of the live broadcast room. If you are just starting to do live broadcasts, you can try to set up a horse racing mechanism in the live broadcast room to broadcast live simultaneously in 3 to 4 live broadcast rooms. Time period, different methods, what type of live broadcast room has a high retention rate and conversion rate, and then continue to try in this direction. In addition, the content of the live broadcast room must be interesting and attractive enough to continuously improve the retention rate of live broadcast 2) Give full play to the value of big data and find customers with strong demand. With the rapid development of Internet technology, private enterprises want to achieve rapid development. To actively "cloudify", the network marketing strategy must also be close to intelligent data. If you want to do a good job of delivery and effective delivery, you must use big data to find and analyze your target customer portraits. On this basis, according to the actual needs of the TB target group, make targeted delivery. It is recommended that the content of the delivery should show the dynamic process, such as fruit testing, user experience, and show the real effect. The starting speed will be very fast 3) Test For the input-output ratio, set the stop loss line for delivery. At the same time, set two stop loss lines for delivery, establish two delivery models, and test the input-output ratio. For example, make a model with the goal of increasing Douyin fans by 1,000, and see how many people privately message you, add you as friends, buy products, go to the store, etc. If the model is profitable, continue to use this model to launch "How to Modern Private Enterprises" Use the new network marketing to run out of the second curve? 》Zhen MiaoJiuMedia's new network marketing founder's practical case dry goods sharing will be broadcast live at 20:00 (tonight) on Thursday, August 11, and make an appointment immediately. How to master low-cost traffic acquisition methods? How to build a systematic international brand network marketing system? How to get through the business logic of high-efficiency private enterprises? Immediately scan the QR code to join the "Summer Camp for Online Marketing Growth" ↓↓↓

Website optimization quotation (he wrote a 96-character zhaluzhi on three breakthroughs for efficient marketing of traditional enterprises in adversity, and the outline is read in the same way, and there are only a handful of people who can read it smoothly at one time) Is this okay? ,